Friday, December 28, 2018

Thank Goodness

Truth be Told, thank goodness:

  • I will never have to hear "Corey" (or however you spell it)
  • I will never have to go to Franklin (Skanklin) NH ever again
  • I will never have to suffer the baggage you and your daughter live each and every day thanks to your mentally ill choices that you will continue to re-live until your last breaths
  • I married a wife that loves me and appreciates her life
  • I recognized at an early age that people will take advantage of you
  • My Father listened to my words of wisdom before his death
  • There are people that will underestimate the intelligence quotient of others
  • I am me 
  • Their deserved punishment is eternal and verified.
  • We have the ability to expose who they are.
  • All questions have been answered.
  • They have no recourse.