Thursday, June 14, 2018

You Know That I Love You Lyrics

If I love her
Goodbye Hunny
Bun               ch
You Know That I Love You
I Love Her
If I love her
Honey Bun(cH)
((190  Four\32 <>__#13<3
U knowthat i luvv (love) YU
+++++!!!!!!&&&&&M200Ydalqqo::MxPPX06128sslN24gEV7Eoooooooothat I LovE YOU
9992926265455A212B188666 143

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Gaslight Credits

Album Credits

Click: Layed down aboard Azzam
Snare 1 and 3 recorded on deck 4 aboard Azzam
Acoustic Bass recorded in Weston, MA at the 1st Floor of the "Tavern"
Tamb 6 and 2 recorded in Bermuda at Gibbs Hill
Guitars recorded in Nashville, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Hawaii, New Zealand, Spain, Italy and Germany.
Drums recorded in UK, Ireland, Scotland and New York City
Horn Section Recordings printed via SkyTronics at Studio 33
Vocals recorded in Naples FL, Malibu CA, MIT Media Lab Boston, Stage 1 Burbank CA
Keyboards courtesy of Futaramas and Stylist at Concert Concepts Inc., Caymen Islands and Jamaica.
Additional Tracks Recorded and Mixed at Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank CA