Thursday, February 2, 2017


Damn YOLO Ha! Come on hey yoo
Dont you wanna shed me and your water bend G why?  you name it
Shining down with me to my too but flag he to my too youre fun G
Try you feel it are you joking me? Cant be

your world gone done all D won
the sons and me what towns a yall may you all give ya vain gang tie and G
you now married the yen so now we shoulda jens her
any ajus a zombie is how we may visualize how? the intern
booby dont soft your booby dont sore
so youre aces she knew I knew the world woulda wooed sure Al Gore
see your world ounce and he once in he bounce and sue me
Baby War
Call the Lee kindly
With the old meaning Top Love
Dey don't need car
Nation Water
Show Your Meat Cunt
Massive Joker each endow me
Turn the World
They wasn't talkin' any harbor
So feel he should he
You're Famous surely
What's she done?